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Moodboards are a helpful tool to visualize colours, styles, patterns, and furniture combinations to feel confident and focused in shopping for your space.  They save you time and money, as it takes the guesswork out of your shopping, and keep you on track to produce a professional-looking design!  First, we’ll have you complete a style questionnaire and submit photos of pieces you plan to keep in the room.  We’ll put together a mood board that you can use as a tool to keep you on track when shopping for your new pieces.  


Note: if you are looking for a curated shopping list that is gauranteed to fit your space, you'll want to check out the "Full eDesign Package."  This moodboard package is for the person simply looking for inspiration for their room, and plans to carry the project forward on their own.
This Package Includes:

    1 Mood Board for 1 Room with 1 Full Revision

Note: If you have an open concept space that is made up of 3 seperate spaces (e.g kitchen, living and dining) and you'd like a moodboard for all 3, please purchase 3 of this offering.

Inspirational Moodboard

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