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5 Tips to be an Exceptional Host this Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 20

I don't know if you'd agree, but to me, the best part of the holidays is the gatherings. The gifting aspect of Christmas can be a little overwhelming, but I always look forward to full weekends of parties and plans in December. There's a magic in coming together this time of year, as if the communal sense of anticipation, joy, togetherness and charity has a multiplicative effect. But, that's all coming from an extrovert, so half my readers probably feel a little differently!!

But whether you love social gatherings or dread them, these 5 tips will ensure that everybody feels that much more comfortable at your event, big or small, despite their personality bent! And if your people are comfortable, your party will be all the better for it!

How to entertain, how to be an exceptional host

My top 5 tips for hosting

1. Fun is the goal. If your motivation for a party is to impress, you've lost out of the gate. Try to have everything prepared in advance so when people walk through the door you can focus on fun and connection - not perfection.

How to entertain, how to be an exceptional host

2. Lighting is everything. Put your overhead lights on dimmers - or better yet - layers of candles and lamplight. It makes everyone feel beautiful, and when you feel beautiful you feel more comfortable, let loose, and have an amazing time.

3. Deliver on all the senses. The experience begins at the front entrance with a beautiful reed diffuser on the console table, and some cool tunes setting the mood!

Christmas decor foyer, hosting holiday party
Rachel Parcel's Home

4. A party trick or two. If there's a lull in conversation, be prepared with a parlour game. There's decks on Amazon of amazing cocktail questions. Or even a (slightly irreverent) version of Would you Rather works sans supplies!

How to entertain, how to be an exceptional host

5. Bonus points! Have an Element of Surprise. Something quirky that sparks joy and conversation. Perhaps it's something unexpected in the tablescape, a game, or unique, festive cocktail! Use your imagination for this one, it's these thoughtful details that leave an impression on your guests, that they were worth the time and effort. A beautiful gift!

How to entertain, how to be an exceptional host
One Kings Lane blends traditional with eclectic in this table setting.

Which of these tips do you know to be tried and true?

Which will you try this holiday season?

Happy Hosting and Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the joy of the season and a beautiful 2023 from Juxta Design & Build!


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