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How to Decorate with COLOUR

As an interior designer, I'm thrilled to see that colour is back on trend. After years of neutrals dominating the home decor scene, it's refreshing to see clients embracing bolder hues and bright pops of colour. However, I know that decorating a colourful home tastefully can be a challenge. It's all too easy to go overboard and end up with a space that feels chaotic instead of cohesive. In this blog post, I'll share my top tips for decorating a colourful home tastefully.

Alice Lane Interior Design

1. Pick a Colour Scheme

The first step to creating a tasteful and colourful home is to choose a colour scheme. This will help you create a cohesive look throughout your space. Start with an inspiration piece - artwork, rug or even a pillow, something with at least 3 colours in it that you'll pull your scheme from. 1 or 2 colours from this piece will be the dominant colours in your decor, furniture and accessories. Then, choose 1 to 2 accent colours that will be peppered in in smaller quantities to add further dimension and add pops of interest throughout your space.

Stray Dog Designs

2. Vary the Intensity of Your Colours

Another important consideration when decorating a colourful home is the intensity of your colours. Bright, bold colours can be overwhelming if they are used in large doses. Instead, try varying the intensity of your colours to create visual interest without overwhelming your space. Use brighter colours as accents or in smaller doses and balance them out with more subdued colours in the same family in larger or more permanent pieces. This will create a balanced and tasteful look. Or in the below photo, the pink for the walls was a muted version of the fuscia accent pops.

House and Garden UK

3. Play with Patterns

Patterns can add a lot of visual interest to a colourful home. Mixing and matching patterns can be intimidating, but if done correctly, the results can be stunning. One approach is to choose a patterned item that you love and build your colour scheme around it. For example, if you have a rug with a bold pattern, you can pull out the colours from the rug and use them in your decor. Similarly, try combining patterns that have similar colours or themes to create a cohesive look. Expert tip: For a successful Pattern On Pattern look, it's important to vary the SCALE of your pattern - think small, medium, large and extra large.

Katie Considers

4. Use Texture to Add Depth

An often overlooked aspect of decor is texture. Textures can add depth and interest to a colourful space and can help balance out the intensity of the colours. Consider adding different textures like woven throws, textured pillows or shaggy rugs to add visual interest and create a more comfortable and inviting space. This mohair sofa in a rust terracotta colour is such a statement piece. Don't be nervous to go colourful on your sofa, your favourite colour fabric on your sofa is much more timeless than the neutral of the moment.

The Nordroom

5. Keep Your Background Neutral

While you want to incorporate colour throughout your home, it is essential to keep some elements neutral to balance out the colours. This will help prevent a feeling of chaos and maintain a cohesive look. (Permission to ignore this tip if you're a maximalist! But for the average person, a saturated wall with saturated furniture and artwork everywhere is going to be tiresome after a while). Consider using neutral colours for larger pieces of furniture or walls and use colourful accents to add interest.

Architectural Digest

In conclusion, decorating a colourful home tastefully is all about balance and careful planning. By selecting a colour scheme, varying the intensity of your colours, playing with patterns, adding texture, and incorporating some grounding neutrals, you can create a cohesive and stylish space that is fun, vibrant and comfortable for you and your family. As always, my best recommendation is to seek the help of a professional interior designer who can guide you through the process and help you create a space that expresses your personality and reflects your lifestyle.

Feel free to book us for a colour consultation to be sure your colourful space is as sophisticated as it is interesting!

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