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Creative Ideas for Bonus Rooms

Do you have the luxury of having an unused room in your house? Lucky you!

And kudos to you for searching out some inspo lest it just becomes the household dumping grounds! A bonus room is such a luxury, and I want you to really consider your needs, your wants and how you and your family lives to really get the most out of this space. Don't just call it in! A well thought out bonus room can be a real bucket-filler, and I want that for you!

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing - but truly the options are endless!

Home Gym

Andor Willow

Ideal in the basement or lower floor where temps tend to be cooler. Install a wall of mirrors, a ceiling fan and use the wall space to go vertical with storage.

Homework/Home School Room

Studio McGee

We've all been there. Kids sprawl out over the dining table with their homework, lego, books and crafts, when all of a sudden it's dinner time and it's a whole process to clear unfinished work in order to feed them! A losing game. Imagine a room dedicated to kids school work and longer-term projects! Everybody gets their space and life feels a little bit calmer. #winning

Guest Bedroom

Rambling Renovators

The go-to for spare rooms, and for good reason! Guest rooms make possible hosting our nearest and dearest and thus help create beautiful memories. But just because it's common doesn't mean it's what you should do. Perhaps you don't have frequent overnight visitors as your crew all lives local. In this case, consider a more personalized iteration of your spare room. AKA, read on, dear reader!

Billiard Room

Aka the party room! Build it, and they will come. Kids, teens, and the young-at-heart alike. Pool, foosball, darts, even arcade games would make a billiard room the favourite spot in the house.

Home Office

Hello Bombshell

Even if you don't work from home, an office is a useful room for storing paperwork and the necessary office supplies every home needs. But if you do work from home, put some thought into that zoom background! A floating desk is beautiful, but I wouldn't recommend it for permanently keeping a computer or laptop. The cords are difficult to deal with floating in the middle of the room. Instead use a floating desk for writing and meetings, and include a wall desk for your tech.


Emily Henderson

Nothing dreamier than a home library, especially if you've got readers, thinkers, or anyone in an analytical profession in your home...a room devoted to quiet ponderings and study is sure to foster incredible ideas and restful moments.

Storage Room

No sense denying it, storage is most families primary need, and any spare room is likely to be used in such a manner. No shame in that game! But be intentional about it, rather than letting things just pile up without a system, invest in shelving and containers so that everything has a place and is easy to find.

Music Room

Jam session anyone? A music room is the perfect getaway for a music lover, or the place to gather and enjoy some good old fashion fun. My childhood bestie's family was super musical, and the many evenings spent in their music/family room I look back on so fondly.

Media Room

Anthony Brignoni

Big movie family? How about a moody theatre room, complete with comfortable seating, big screen and bar!


South Harlow

Can you free up a room beside your entry? If so, consider a decked out mudroom, with vented lockers and boot drawers galore!

Walk In Closet

Southern Lady Magazine

Could you free up the room beside your primary bedroom? If so, a walk in closet /dressing room may be a possibility. Lucky you!

Butler's Pantry

If you have an underused room beside your kitchen, a butlers pantry should be considered! Perfect for food storage, but deck it out with sink, dishwasher, fridge, and all your small appliances to keep your main kitchen free of clutter and dirty dishes. What a beautiful life!


Fancy a steam? Imagine your own personal sauna morning, noon or night! Tie it into a large bathroom for a multi-functioning space. Your body will thank you!

Wine Cellar

Brooks McDonald Architecture

If you're a wine person, you didn't need me to make this's surely been on your wishlist for years! I would recommend consulting a professional to ensure that the room is climate controlled to preserve your collection.

Fireside Lounge

A crackling fire, a favourite book, a lounge chair, need I say more?

Craft Room

If you've always got a project on the go, consider a craft room! Be sure to incorporate lots of storage and desk space to get the most out of the space.

Board Game Room

Homemade by Carmona

We've talked billiard games room, but maybe your family is more about the board games. Check out this clever games/coffee table as an idea, or go for a round table with chairs as another comfortable gaming format. Be sure to include closed storage to hide the games away for when you want to use the room for a movie or to lounge...board games can look really busy out in the open, so you'll thank yourself later! Check out this blog for an in-depth look at how this board game room was designed by Homemade by Carmona!

Which of these would you choose if you had a spare room? The possibilities truly are endless, I would love to hear the creative ways you've used extra space in your home!

If you've got a spare room that you need help finding the best use for, reach out! We'd love to help create a personalized sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

Thanks for reading my friends! Until next time!


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