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Big Impact on a Budget!

Hello remodeling enthusiasts!

Today we're taking a moment to appreciate the impact a facelift can make on the overall feel of a room.

Before & After

Before, our clients ensuite was fine really. The tile was relatively run of the mill, and the countertop was laminate, but everything was fairly neutral so why fix what ain't broke??

Why bother with a facelift?

Well, in this particular case, there was a function problem to solve, that being the tub. These clients were needing to make the shower more accessible, and wanted to eliminate the tub and create a walk-in shower that was more practical for their needs as well as offered a cleaner, more custom-look.

But besides that point, these clients appreciate that the places you spend a lot of time in, impact us, for better or for worse. And if we don't love the colours, styles or materials we interact with all day long, it's a slow drain on our energy and enthusiasm.

We were working on larger projects in their main living space, which is where they wanted to direct most of their budget, so we opted for the cost-effective approach of a facelift renovation.

What's involved in a facelift reno?

While it depends on the space and project particulars, here we addressed these items:

  1. Quartz Countertops (K Stone Calcutta Gold) to replace the laminate.

  2. Floor tile (Mayfair Statuario Venato)

  3. Shower tile (Mayfair Statuario Venato)

  4. Custom Glass (Lakeview Glass)

  5. Custom Bench

  6. Wall Paint (BM Ballet White)

  7. New towel bars and faucet.

What we kept

  1. Vanity

  2. Mirror

  3. Vanity Lighting

  4. Toilet

Custom Tile Shower

Granted, tiling is one of the more expensive aspects of a bathroom renovation, so it wasn't a "next to nothing" kind of a reno. However, a custom tile shower is the showstopper in a bathroom, and this one is no exception. A marble-look porcelain tile can create the look of slab at a fraction of the cost. These are 12x24, and you could go up to 24x48" or for an even more solid-slab look. 1/3 offset installation is my favourite with tile of this size.

The shower bench top quartz matched the vanity and is a more comfortable seat than tile.

I love basket weave mosaics, this one matches the 12x24 wall tiles. I always recommend small scale tile on shower floors as the grout lines break up the slick surface of wet tile. A light grey grout blended beautifully with the veining and hides wear more than white. (Mapei Frost).

Custom glass is your other big ticket item, but 100% worth it to go the custom route for the best product and fit. Your future self will thank you.

Vanity details

Along with a beautiful quartz (this one is a high end look at a great price), and undermount ceramic sink, a modern widespread faucet in chrome to match existing hardware, and for that pretty sparkle!

Don't forget a pretty hand soap and decorative detail to finish it off!

Do you have a room in need of a facelift? Do you need the expertise of someone to help you decide what to keep and what to replace, or refinish? We would be delighted to be your go to facelift and full-Monty renovation specialists! Book your free discovery call today!

Until next time!


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