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Best of Kelowna for Home Renovations!

Thank you!!

Between a busy project schedule, some vacation time and the McDougall Creek fire emergency, we've been a little busy this summer and have neglected to properly thank you for your support in voting Juxta the best team in Kelowna for Home Renovations!

We were pretty blown away by ranking Gold in this category, as there are so many fantastic renovators in our area, not to mention the fact we're still a pretty new company comparatively. However, we've made it a priority from day one to represent quality craftsmanship, great design and excellent customer service and are grateful to our clients and supporters of all kinds to have taken the time to offer your support in this way!

Best of Kelowna Gold Winner Home Renovations

It means so much for a small business to receive an accolodate such as this, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We will continue to do our best on every project, helping home to be your favourite place on earth.

Interior Designer and General Contractor team Kelowna

Wishing everyone a smooth transition into fall, I know I'm ready for more routine (and some cooler weather!!)

Meghan & Kellen

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