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6 Simple Steps to Refresh your Living Room for Spring

Bring on Spring

Spring coffee table styling, pink flowers white contemporary vase, coffee table book

Hi everyone! Today I'm taking you inside our living room to show you how we refresh our decor for spring...without breaking the bank, or requiring much in the way of storage. Some designers fully swap their decor with each season, and while I have nothing against that, it's not always practical if storage, funds or time is limited.

But there is a simple joy that comes with marking the season, and in mixing up your surroundings a couple times a year.

So here are 6 simple steps to welcome spring into your space today!

Before / After

Winter living room decor to spring decor

The name of the game is to create a lighter, brighter feel. Let that be your guiding force as your look at your own space.

How to Decorate for Spring

I shared on our IG some of these tips, so if you're not following us there, don't miss out on our frequent tips and tricks for feeling your best at home!

  1. Enjoy the process by setting the mood! Light a floral candle, crack a window, put on your fav tracks and let's bring on spring both internally and externally!

  2. Dust surfaces, from top to bottom, starting with your pendants, curtain rods, and moving down to shelving, tv, mantel, lamp shades, and table tops.

  3. Remove couch cushions, vacuum all runaways hiding beneath, and plump and flip each cushion, so your couch won't wear faster than it needs to.

  4. Plump/rotate throw pillows and blankets, and shake out/air out/wash what needs some extra care.

  5. Now that you've got a fresh foundation, feel free to swap darker, heavier fabrics for lighter options. Think throw pillows or blankets. For example, in theory I should have swapped out my plaid wool blanket, for something lighter in material and perhaps a more organic pattern. But I didn't because I just really love that blanket there! However, I did swap out a couple of pillow covers in a mauve stripe and floral patterns, and that made a huge difference! Now, there is a similar colour in my rug, so bear in mind, that what makes visual sense in one room, may not make sense everywhere. Consider your colour palette and work within it when bringing in new colours.

Winter living room decor to spring decor

6. Swap out your florals, and perhaps your vase. An inexpensive way to switch things up that has a big impact is your stem arrangement. I swapped the black pot for a contemporary white vase, and the eucalyptus stems for mauve floral stems (both faux, from Urban Barn). Likewise I swapped a black candle for a white one.

Spring coffee table styling, pink flowers white contemporary vase, coffee table book

Another difference you may notice in these photos is I brought in a wicker lamp which was a better scale to sit on the side table, and then I put a lovely trailing pothos atop the cabinet. This wasn't so much for spring, as overall it's a better fit for the space so it'll stick around through the seasons! Although wicker is a lovely spring texture.

Pillow sizes for a sectional corner

I also swapped a 24" pillow for the 22" pillow tucked in the sectional corner, and you can see that it's a much better size for that big pocket in a sectional. Feel free to duplicate the above pillow sizing for your own sectional. #bestspotinthehouse

Living room fireplace and shelving, art, samsung frame tv, accent chair, vintage ginger jars

I didn't change anything in the cabinets (aside from adding a little ceramic bunny that the kids made me buy! Call me the Easter Scrooge, but I'm just not that into decorating with bunnies, chicks and eggs, but prefer an overall spring spruce up instead.

This charcoal pillow cover could use a sub for the warmer months, but I haven't found the right one yet, so there she stays for now! Although I think this vintage beauty might just be the winner.

Spring coffee table styling, pink flowers white contemporary vase, coffee table book

NOT a cheap addition, but oh so lovely is the Samsung Frame TV, which allows you to change your art up with the seasons, or every darn day if your heart so desires! We snagged this on a Black Friday special and IMO, worth every penny. And truth be told, I haven't gotten around to adding the bevel frame, and I think it looks pretty good even as is!

spring living room, samsung frame tv, transitional decor, living room art, round coffee table, spring floral, contemporary vase, sectional, pillow styling

So there you go, a spring refresh that didn't break the bank, but marks a very welcomed change of season. One of my favourite things about interior design is that you can feel the difference when you make improvements to a space you spend so much time in. Lighter, happier, mentally and physically open to what's next.

If you'd like to shop my living room, check out our LTK shop, linked here!

If you'd like a hand in refreshing for spring, book me to "shop your home" and use what you have for a fresh take this season!

You can check out some of our packages online, or book a chat with me to discuss your decor needs!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you feel amazing in the place you dwell!

Happy Spring!


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