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interior designer and general contractor team

When people feel good in the place they dwell, they come alive.

About Us

At Juxta Design, we believe our environment shapes us.  It impacts how we feel and perform, whether positively or negatively.  Being a husband and wife contractor/design professional team, we are able to offer full in-house service so that you can enjoy a streamlined project from start to finish, saving you time and money.  Kellen and Meghan are passionate about creating spaces that are not only beautiful, tailored and functional, but enhance overall well-being and livelihood.  

Meghan's Journey to Design

Home has always been the most important place in the world to me. 


My childhood home no doubt, but also my "home away from home" - the home of my best friend.  The house itself was tiny, but so thoughtfully decorated in a cozy, layered, cottage style - this small house had a huge impact on everyone that spent any time there.  The way I felt as I stepped across the threshold each and every time was always a sense of peace and calming.  It was visceral.  The house had a signature scent.  There was always an instrument being played, and laughter spilling over from the family room.  It was a place to gather, be real, laugh and relax.  As young as I was, I knew there was something to the physical phenomenon I felt, that environment produced a feeling, a lifestyle, even an enhanced quality of life.


Even back then, I loved to arrange and rearrange my room, experimenting with colour, textures and layers.  I remember peeking into each home trick or treating every Halloween, I was so interested in people's private spaces, and felt it was a bit of a window into the soul of the human inhabiting it.  Two early loves in school for me were math and psychology, so it made sense that I excelled at the arts that a) had a bit of a formula to them and b) were people-oriented - photography, candle-making, etc., both of which became early businesses for me out of university.  I pursued an education in Human Development and Family Relations, and spent my 20s working in autism and non-profits - my heart has always been in drawing out people’s full potential.  But after years in that field, I felt pulled to take that purpose and marry it to my creativity.  Our environment impacts us, for better or for worse and on many a client visit I would spend a chunk of our time together helping them clear their space, knowing how vital it was to their mental health and functioning.  Interior Design is pretty well equal parts math and art, and I have the honour of being invited into people's private lives and spaces everyday, so landing in this profession everything seemed to click into place!


I believe that being surrounded by good, thoughtful design brings out the best in a person, so after endless projects on our own homes (including restoring a century home that hadn't been touched in...well, a century) and in helping friends, I went back to school and ultimately joined forces with Kellen in his contracting business to bring a more comprehensive, wholistic approach to renovations - design for well-being.

We are Juxta Design & Build: Inspired designs for an empowered life.  And we’re happy you’re here!  

Meet the Team

Quality. Expertise. Customer Service.

Juxta Sub-Contractors

We believe our excellent trade relationships set us apart.  We have vetted each sub trade and team member so that you can rest assured your project is in capable, trustworthy hands.

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